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Little Wisteria

Magical things rainbow wall hanging

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You are made of stardust, wishes and magical things 🌟

A beautiful wall hanging to brighten any wall. 

Shown here with three different finishes:

Image one shows a lilac and sapphire rainbow with a grey velvet ribbon and three black glittery stars. Hung with silk in a complimentary colour.

image three shows a lilac and sapphire rainbow with a dusky pink velvet ribbon, one white glittery star and a grey and silver tassel.

image four shows a bright pink and gold rainbow with a white velvet ribbon and a white glittery star with a sari silk tassel.

Please specify in the notes if you would like different colours on the rainbow arches, if no notes are added, your rainbow will have a large lilac arch and a small sapphire arch. Please also specify the colour of the stars, they can be any colour you desire.

Measures: 8 inches long, 6 inches without the ribbon.

Each item is handcrafted and takes time. They are also likely to have slight variations. Please do keep this in mind. 

Made from a lightweight paper clay.